STYLE STUDIO is known for providing clients with the highest level of service. 

Having worked with clients from all over the country, some of the largest brands, and most popular entertainment outlets

over the past 20 years, Keylee has built a stellar reputation in the indsutry and loves sharing her knowoledge through various outlets. 

Collection of Services

Something for everyone! Weather you are just starting your style journey, have something special coming up, looking to refresh your closet

for the season or are ready for a total makeover then check out our collection of services. 

Virtual Styling

Looking for a style solution for a first date, job interview, weekend away, or need weekly fashion therapy?  You can have a stylist

in your stylish back pocket through the magic of technology!  Style Studio can work with clients anywhere! 

Bulk Hour & Special Pricing

Bulk hours are for exisiting long term clients or those looking for a long term relationship with Style Studio that is fully

customized for all your style needs. 

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